Computer Spyware

When you first get a new computer, it seems to run like a dream. With the click of a button you get lighting fast responses without any hesitation from your PC. But after about a month, all of that starts to change. You may experience slow execution times and unwanted shutdowns or glitches.

If this sounds familiar, you are not alone. It is estimated that more than 94% of all new PCs have hidden errors that affect their performance in as little as one month after they are purchased and used. Sometimes, there can be as many as 200 or more errors on one PC. Al of these errors affect your computers performance and makes it difficult and annoying for you to perform simple computer tasks.

There are many different problems that hidden error can cause ranging from the mildly annoying to the fatal. Symptoms of hidden error can include crashes, glitches, data loss, error messages during application or at startup, and the dreaded blue screen. In some cases, hidden error can be fatal and can require a complete and expensive system overhaul.

Hidden error occurs when you download programs from the web or install and uninstall software. You see, your hard drive is like a huge filing cabinet with several folders and files needed to perform just one software application or program. When you install and uninstall software, you can affect the way your PC sorts through this information, and these programs can leave unwanted trash that makes it difficult for the right information to be accessed. Unneeded files like old shortcuts to no longer existing programs, redundant files and invalid application paths can make it harder for your PC to perform. Deleting old programs can also result in the deletion of files needed for other computer tasks.

Another way that you can create hidden errors on your PC is by downloading programs and software from the internet that have hidden application files that unknowingly come along with them like adware and spyware.

Adware is advertising software that you download right along with software programs and is most often found with free software programs. Adware works by delivering a stream of pop-up ads to your computer without your consent. While most of the time adware is simply annoying, it can sometimes cause hidden errors such as system anomalies and program incompatibilities that can do damage to your normal PC applications. It can also hijack certain components of your operating software like your start page or toolbar. Once this happens, it is extremely difficult to get things back to the way they used to be.

Spyware are software programs that you download onto your computer along with many other software applications. This software is then used to track your online browsing habits so that you can be “hit” with pop ups that you will be more likely to respond to. Not only is this software an invasion of your privacy, it also can compromise your data and affect your PCs performance.

With all of these things causing hidden error and affecting your PC’s performance, you may wonder if there is anything that you can do to keep your computer running like new. I mean, you can’t stop using programs and installing and uninstalling programs is a part of every computer owner’s routine. So, what can you do to keep hidden error from compromising your PC’s performance?

The answer may be as simple as using doctor software to fix hidden errors and prevent future hidden errors from occurring. This software can fix errors that cause problems; fix corrupted files, prevent hidden files from causing harm, and help you avoid formatting and common reboot errors easily.

Not only will using software like this save you a good deal of headache and hassles, it will also save you time and money. Finding and fixing hidden errors can be time consuming, because they are just that: hidden. In some cases, you can search and search only to never find the culprit. Other times, you find the problem but can’t fix it because it is too complicated or there are programs that will not allow you to delete or change the program.

Dr. software can do all of these things for you with a few clicks of your mouse. And it saves you money because you will avoid having to call an expensive technician. So, if your PC has not been acting like itself lately, do a quick scan with doctor software to search for hidden errors. In most cases, you can scan your system for free, and you can’t beat that.

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