Top 5 Truths About the Dark Web

The internet is accessible to anybody and everybody. Is this really true when you consider the existence of the dark web? Dark web is an entire internet that can’t be viewed through traditional browsers and requires special software to access. Consequently, it can be used to do all sorts of activities both legal and illegal. Therefore, it is important to know some truths about the dark web due to the unlimited stories that have been told about it. In line with this, we share five truths about the dark web.

1. Access what others cannot

Due to the fact that dark web is masked and veiled with the help of software, people perform all sorts of illicit things. You can access anything you so desire notwithstanding if it is good or bad. This is why the government are always after them but they are very sophisticated.

2. It is penetrable

With the right software, you can access the dark web. Law enforcement agencies have arrested hundreds of dark web criminals. But be careful simply because the dark web is accessible doesn’t mean it’s safe.

3. Home for Hackers

When hackers invade your system and you cannot find any trace or the source of the hack, it may have come from the dark web. So, you need to enhance the security of your systems and network.

4. It is not safe

The dark web is not safe. Except you are looking to do some nefarious things, you do not need to go there. For the layman or novice, all your information can be stolen and your system hacked if you are careless.

5. It is not 100% anonymous

The anonymity on the dark web is not 100%. Your cover can be blown, again, with the use of the right program. A good example of this is the Silk Road founder, Ross Ulbricht who left several digital artifacts, including his Gmail address, on clearnet forums related to his Dark Web activity. Ulbricht’s digital breadcrumb trails helped the FBI uncover his IRL identity and he was arrested and sentenced to life in jail. Silk Road is a marketplace for buying drugs.

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