Emoji characters

Earlier this month, blogger added special characters to the post editor toolbar. Now, you can add special characters (symbols, emojis, latin, scripts, etc) to your blog post.

How to use emoji in blogger

To add a special character to your post, click the special character icon on the toolbar, select a category and subcategory, then select the character you wish to use and it will be inserted into your blog post. You can also insert a special character by typing its Unicode value in the search bar or simply by searching for it. You can also draw a special character and if included in the blogger special character set, you will see it on the left and then click to insert it into your blog post. See image below:

How to insert special characters in blogger
How to insert special characters in blogger

How To Use Emojis In Blogger Comments

The special characters are not included in blogger comments. So how do you use emojis in blogger comments?
To use emojis in blogger comments, use any of the methods below:
  1. Go to emojipedia and type the name of emoji you want in the search box and press enter. Click on the emoji you want from the list of results (if more than one). Click on copy to copy the emoji and paste in your comment.
  2. Go to tutorialzine. They have a list of 100+ unicode symbols you can use. Simply copy the code of the symbol you want to use and paste in your comment.
  3. Go to unicode character table and copy the code of the symbol you want to use and paste in your comment.
I personally use emojipedia. But you can save the page at tutorialzine especially if the symbols you use often are there so you don’t have to visit the page every time you want to use emoji or special characters in your comments.
Note that you can also use symbols from the above sites in your blog post if the symbol is not included in blogger special character set.
Do you know or use another method of using emojis in your blogger comments? ? Please share with us by commenting below ? and oh, use one or two emojis/special character. ? ✌

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