The Simple Value Of Online Backup

How online backup worksThere are many reasons to use online backup. The simple fact is that your computer could get invaded or destroyed in minutes and it can happen completely and suddenly as well. The fact is that more and more people are falling victim to this type of occurrence every day. What happens is

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How Hidden Errors Can Affect Your PC’s Performance

When you first get a new computer, it seems to run like a dream. With the click of a button you get lighting fast responses without any hesitation from your PC. But after about a month, all of that starts to change. You may experience slow execution times and unwanted shutdowns or glitches. If this

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10 Steps To A Safe, Smooth Running PC

These ten steps will help you increase your computer's security. From discovering viruses to learning how to avoid them, this article is a must read!1. Windows passwordThis is the easiest way to make sure you know who is using your PC. Choose a lengthy password that contains capital and lower case letters. Including a number

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How To Create A Video Game Environment Of Your Own

Have you ever fantasized about building a video game environment of your own? A place where you and your friends could spend hours and hours playing your favorite games without interruption? Or how about a place that really shows off your game fetish? It's really pretty simple to create such a place and you don't

By |2015-11-24T08:22:00+01:00November 24th, 2015|Gaming, PC Tips|0 Comments

How To Build Your Own PC

Many people simply go to the retail store and get sold to when it comes to computing equipment. You would be very surprised how easily you can pick up all the core components and assemble yourself or get a friend or family member in the know to do it for you. All the top brand

By |2015-11-20T10:06:00+01:00November 20th, 2015|PC Accessories, PC Tips|0 Comments

3 Benefits To Owning A Refurbished Laptop

If you like having the latest and greatest laptop, then refurbished is not for you. However, if you don't mind minor cosmetic damage, and the fact that someone else has used your laptop, then you may want to consider purchasing a refurbished laptop. But why would anyone want to purchase a refurbished laptop as opposed

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4 Necessary Steps You Should Take When Online

When you connect to the internet you can harm your PC. That is a fact. The reason antivirus software and other similar products were created is to protect your PC.It is not your fault that you got viruses, however you should take the precaution methods to stop this from happening again. 1. Keep PC Clean:

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