Anti-virus apps

Your activities online can make your smartphone prone to virus. You download free apps, movies, and songs online as well as visit websites which you cannot determine if they are safe or not. But with an antivirus you can shield and protect your phone from any malware or virus.

Fortunately, you can download or purchase any antivirus app of your choice. But do you know which one to download? Here are some free and brilliant antivirus for your phone. They are also safe.

360 Security

Want real-time protection for your phone? This is the antivirus app to use. The features of the app include scanning files, antitheft feature to help you locate missing phones. You can also use passwords to make your app inaccessible to others by using this app.


Avast is a popular brand. Over 100 million users have downloaded the antivirus. However, you must have enough space on your phone because the capacity is 2GB. Besides protecting your phone, it assists in data recovery, ad-protection and app locking.


The Real-time Protection is own by AVG. And of course, AVG is another well-known antivirus. Real-time protection, task killer, remote data wipe, battery monitor, data usage checker, and call blocking are the amazing features of this app.

All-in-one solution

Like the name All-in-one solution, the app protects your phone in all entirety. The app tells users about the threats to their phone as well as alert you about websites designed to steal your information.

Antivirus security for phones

Avira Antivirus Security

It performs important functions like malware scan, real-time protection and more. The app also has some features like stage fright advisor, which help in protecting your phone. Anti-theft, anti-privacy and blacklisting features provide further protection.

Quick heal

This is another app that will protect your phone against virus attack. It shields your device from unauthorised users, review apps that may affect your privacy, and data wipe feature.

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