5 Jobs That Will be Likely Made Redundant by Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is simply intelligence exhibited by computers. With the momentum that AI is gathering, some jobs will become redundant or very few hands will be required to do same jobs. In other cases, you may need to improve your skills. Whatever the case, here are five jobs that may be replaced by robots or computers. To this in perspective, AI will take 6% of jobs in 2021.

1. Doctors

AI is currently being used to identify some medical problems and recommend drugs for treatment. IT also helps you to keep track of your health for easy diagnosis in future. The advantage of AI is that there will be nothing like medical mistakes unlike when humans handle it.

2. Taxi drivers

Google, Uber and other tech companies are desperately working to ensure that cars will be able to drive itself. If they eventually achieve this, drivers will not need to drive cars anymore. The right sensors and communication will drive you wherever your location.

3. Journalism

The jobs of reporters, editors and content writers may not be under threat. But the number of hands needed to report or write a story will significantly drop. An AI called wordsmith can read through data or a disjointed story, pick out the interesting part, and write a story. It has been used by Associated Press and Yahoo.

4. Customer service/Receptionist

Sorry, but customer service is one of the services that may not involve humans. Computers will be able to communicate with customers and provide relevant information to these same customers without any hitches. There are quite a lot of AI programs or software dedicated to customer service.

5. Personal Assistant

Entrepreneurs and business executives don’t actually need PAs anymore. AI-based programs can perform the functions of a PA.

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