Deitel's C How to Program (7th Edition)

Below are links to the solutions to Deitel’s C How to Program (7th Edition) exercises that have been posted so far. This page is updated as more solutions to the exercises are posted. You are “STRONGLY ADVISED” to try to solve the problem first before checking the solution. Note that there are multiple ways of solving problems. That is to say, you may have another way (maybe even better) of solving the problem(s). In such case(s) please let us know. Only answers to programs are provided here. Answers to self review exercises, multiple choice questions and theoretical questions are not provided. You can test run the programs online for free at

Chapter Two

Exercise 2.16 – C program to perform simple arithmetics
Exercise 2.17 – C program to print values with printf
Exercise 2.18 – C program to compare two integer numbers
Exercise 2.19 – Larger and smaller value
Exercise 2.20 – Diameter, circumference and area of a circle
Exercise 2.21 – Shapes with asterisks
Exercise 2.23 – Largest and smallest integers
Exercise 2.24 – Odd or even
Exercise 2.25 – Program to print your initials
Exercise 2.26 – Multiples
Exercise 2.27 – Checkerboard pattern of asterisks
Exercise 2.29 – Integer value of a character
Exercise 2.30 – Separating digits in an integer
Exercise 2.31 – Table of squares and cubes
Exercise 2.32 – Body mass index calculator
Exercise 2.33 – Car-pool savings calculator


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