HTC 10 Launch

The HTC 10, despite being a well built flagship and a worthy contender, could not capture the throne in the flagship wars. The competition was just ahead of the curve, and hence, the 10 had to be content with the few runner up positions.

But if HTC’s latest teasers are any indication, the company wants to get ahead of the curve edge. HTC took to instagram to announce a phone event dated for the 20th of September.

A video posted by HTC (@htc) on

The only hints that the teaser video gives is that the phone will come with a fingerprint sensor placed on the back. The design also vaguely resembles that of the upcoming Nexus Pixel, but that may be because we are itching to hear more about it. The Pixel phones are up for reveal on the 4th of October; and with Google being heavy in its influence on the hardware, HTC is unlikely to reveal a phone that would not even bear its branding on the hardware.

So what could it be? We’re still in speculation territory, so we’ll refrain from assumptions (however, let us know your theory). HTC’s tagline sure has caught our attention, but it remains vague and open to interpretation. So for now, we wait for HTC to take off the wraps and surprise us.

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