7 Simple Tips to Become a Smartphone Typing Guru

When you see some persons typing with their smartphone, they are very slow. Their slowness can be compared with that of a snail. Meanwhile, there are others, you see their hands conveniently sliding from one alphabet to another and before you know it, they are done sending that text, WhatsApp, Facebook or BBM message. You will be tempted to ask how they type so fast! No, please don’t ask. These tips shared below should help you become a typing expert just like your friend. You can even be better!

1. Identify a typing position that works for you

One thing you should do first is to find the best typing position that sooth you. If you are able to identify that position, it will be very easy for you to type fast. In addition, some people prefer to type with their phones either horizontally while others prefer vertically. You should decide the one you are comfortable with.

2. Two thumbs or one index finger

Whenever you want to type, you should always use either your two thumbs or index finger. Also, try as much as possible to look at the screen instead of the keyboard whenever you are typing.

3. Activate autocorrect and word predictions

Autocorrect have put some people in trouble. The only thing you should do is to apologise and blame autocorrect. However, activate still autocorrect and word predictions. This is because auto-correct will automatically correct any spelling mistake and word predictions will predict words. But before you send the message do not forget to edit.

4. Voice typing

You can also type by speaking in your device. This can increase your typing speed. It is cool because as you are speaking your phone is typing! The only shortcoming here is that you have to repeat yourself several times. Despite this, it is a reliable way to become a typing expert.

5. Use third party keyboard

Do not use the default keyboard app that comes with your phone. It is just unreliable. Download a third party keyboard app for your typing. A very good one is Swiftkey. It is fast and responsive.

6. Swipe to type

This is a feature you get from Swiftkey. It allows you to swipe to type. It first takes your swipe gestures and then suggests the words you want to type. You can then select the word you want. You have to swipe properly so that you can get the correct suggestions.

7. Double-tap spacebar for full stop

This is very simple but few people know about it. You should double-tap spacebar for a full stop.

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