7 Amazing Things You Didn’t Know You Can Search With Google Images

The only time most people think of Google Images is when they want to search for pictures. Well, if you don’t know, there are a whole lot of things you can do with Google Images beyond pictures. Here are seven things you can search with Google images.

1. Scanned photos

Google now has an app called photos can which you can use to digitize all your old photos. After, digitizing your scanned photos, you will be able to search for these photos on Google images. This means that you can instantly access these photos anytime you need them.

2. Events

Google images also let you search for the images of events you have taken their photos. You can search for picnic, birthday, or wedding displayed good results. You can also search for football, tennis and basketball.

3. Objects, things and items

You can search for photos based on particular objects, things and item. The objects may include water, monuments, flowers and cakes. It can also tailor your search to specific region or place.

4. Time

There are different ways you can search for photos based on when they were taken. You can type a specific date (for example 22 September 2010), or even a particular year to see all the photos taken then.

5. Name

Google recognizes people from their photos, so you simply type the names of whoever you are searching and everything about them will appear in search. Of course, the search results will be in pictures.

6. Place

You have to switch on the geo-tagging feature (a feature that allows you to mark the locations where your photos are shot) of your phone to make this possible to search for specific places and see all the photos taken there.

7. File type

In this case, you have to use advanced image search where you will find the file type filter. So, when next you want to search for a file, you can you the advanced image search option.

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