6 Things You Have Forgotten How to do Because of Your Phone

You can virtually do anything and everything with your smartphone. This has made some of us forget how to do certain things that were naturally part of us. And depending on you, these things may be good or bad. Whatever the case maybe, we share the things you have forgotten how to do due to your phone.

Hang out with friends & family

Smartphones have obviously killed interpersonal relationships. Very few people visit their family members and friends. They prefer to chat with them on instant messaging platforms like WhatsApp, and BBM. In fact, WhatsApp groups are now created for the family. They may call sometimes.

How to spell

Smartphones have clearly encouraged the use of shorthand that so many people don’t know how to spell anymore. Also, you don’t need to finish spelling a word before your smartphone preempts you and give you that word. So, quite a number of persons have difficulty spelling.

Learn to take pictures

Any phone that has an excellent and awesome camera is perfect for taking pictures. You don’t need photography skills for this purpose. Even professional photographers are now worried that there are so many quacks in the business of photography. By the way, a serious photographer will never use a smartphone as his camera.

Read a book

How can you read a book when you are transiting from Facebook to Twitter and Instagram at the comfort of your bedroom? The reading culture has seriously declined due to the popularity of smartphones. There are eBooks that are compatible with phones which people are not even reading.

Read maps

With Google maps, you don’t require a physical map to find your way. You won’t find maps in many homes today. So, we have forgotten how to read maps.

Do simple Math

It is difficult today to do a simple math offhand. Why do you have to when you have a phone calculator? Therefore, it is just a waste of time calculating spontaneously.

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