How to Take Screenshots on Your Android Phone
Since the arrival of smartphones, taking screenshots have become important and also made easy. You may be asked by your bank or a friend to send a screenshot of your alert as proof of payment. In other cases, you may love a picture and don’t want to download it, you can simply screenshot it. So, how do you take screenshots if you use an android phone? Jumia shares 5 ways. It is essential to note that this function may vary in different smartphones.

1. Use the Android Operating System

This is the easiest and simplest way to take screenshot as this feature comes automatically with the Android OS. To do this, you press and hold the Volume down and power buttons at the same time for a few seconds.

2. Manufacturer’s shortcut

For most Android phones, manufacturers expects you to press the Power + Home buttons to take a screenshot. After the screen grab, you should be able to view in your gallery. The manufacturer shortcut is not often used today.

3. Root your phone

Rooting your phone has its disadvantages. Nevertheless, rooting your phone opens it to a wide range of possibility including hundreds of apps which you don’t normally have access to if don’t root your phone. You can download apps for screenshots.

4. Screenshot Easy

If the aforementioned are a bit difficult, you can simply download Screenshot easy to take shots by shaking your device. You can edit your screenshots and convert the grabbed images to any format (PNG, JPG) of your choice.

5. Super screenshot

This is another screenshot app you can download in your Google Play Store. Some of the features the app offers are resizing the images, filter, and add text on them. It is not difficult to use.
Do you use any other app or method to take screenshots of your android phone? Let us know by commenting below.

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